Walk in Cooler Panels

With the generous amount of sunshine in southern California, solar panels are a natural way to help San Diego homeowners reduce the cost of cooling and heating. Government incentives and city initiatives make solar panels more attractive than ever, and more affordable. Solare Energy has affordable solar panel solutions to help homeowners reduce energy costs, as well as their carbon footprint.

Solar panels use the abundant natural light here in San Diego to convert sunshine into electricity. Solar power is fed into the electrical system at the home and actually causes the meter to run backwards when it is creating more electricity than the homeowner needs. Homeowners who have Solare Energy solar panels installed in San Diego report they have reduce their energy costs by as much as 80%!

San Diego has launched a major initiative to reduce energy needs. All new city facilities and major building renovation projects are required to achieve LEED Silver certification, a high standard of green construction. New city buildings also must generate at least 10% of the electricity using renewable technologies, such as solar panels, in San Diego. In addition, solar panels will help San Diego meet its Energy Plan for a Sustainable Future. The plan includes a goal to reduce energy use 10% by 2012, and increase the amount of renewable energy used at city facilities by 2020.

Solare Energy works with California State agencies to identify and carry out solar and energy efficiency project opportunities. Solare Energy helps finance solar projects through third-party solar Power Purchase Agreements.

Many consumers believe solar installations are expensive, but the truth is that Solare Energy can install solar panels in San Diego for a reasonable cost.

In fact, the upfront costs are typically paid back within 8 years, leaving you with free electricity for years.

Now, Solare Energy offers a pre-paid Purchasing Power Agreement that allows homeowners to go solar for less than ever, with full 20 year monitoring and performance coverage. The homeowner pays in advance for the electricity to be produced by the solar system. The system is installed by Solare Energy and owned by the financing company. This is a great way for homeowners in the San Diego area who want solar panels to get them installed at a lower upfront cost.

Some highlights of the program:

– Lower cost than buying system in cash because the financing company can take advantage of the higher commercial government incentives.

– Top performing, made in the US photovoltaic panels from Solar World.

– Monitoring, maintenance and performance guaranteed for 20 years.

– Flexible options at the end of the 2 agreement to either have the financing company take the system away at no cost, or buy the system at fair market value [expected to be $1 at end of term] and keep saving for another 15-20 years.

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